Taste of China is a Chinese restaurant located in San Jose that takes pride in serving great tasting, fresh, and delicious traditional foods. With over 20 years of serving only the finest of traditional Hunan dishes with a touch of Korean herbs and spices, this local South Bay delight prides itself in using only the freshest ingredients in their seasonal cooking. Not only is the food of the highest quality but the hospitable and friendly staff, immaculate, and elegant interior environment. The elegant yet comfortable interior gives the restaurant an unmistakable ambiance that is sure to supplement your ultimate dining experience. Along with the free spicy Kimchee appetizer that comes with every order, the possibilities for satisfying your cravings here at Taste of Asia are endless from the ever so popular and fresh Chinese chicken salad to the spicy to the mouthwatering Chao Ma Mien (Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup). The owners, Mr. and Mrs. Chai are extremely affable and warm, their friendliness, surpassed only by their passion and dedication for only the best leaves customers always coming back for more. Whether it be exquisite cultural cuisine or the unmatched service and facilities, dining at Taste of China is a delicious delight that is sure to not dissapoint!